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September 3, 2008


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Wed Sep 3, 2008, 2:56 AM

Here is the club's tutorial list.
Here in "EverybodyPlush", we collect tutorials for this list and put them into categories. This makes searching for the right plush pattern easier!
The stars next to the links indicate how easy the tutorials are, :star: = easy, :star::star::star::star::star: = hard.
:new: = New tutorial.
:thumbsup: = Very cool, gotta try tutorial!

Human Form Plushies
:star:Zenimoonchild's Plushie Tutorial PART ONE And the pattern for it. Part two Part three Part 4 All the basics found here with a lot of different parts to try
:star:Devdasi's Plushie Tutorial Very basic plushies, great for beginners.
:star:Stormeouth's Plushie Tutorial Very basic, makes human shape in just 4 steps!
:star:Inuaxel's Plushie Tutorial Well made tutorial, Inuaxel also has a clothes making tutorial.
:star:Keysha-chan's Plushie Tutorial Easy peasy tutorial for a simple plushie!
:star:Mahkohime's Plushie Tutorial Nice, easy plushies in 12 steps!
:star:Damnreccaishot's Plushie Tutorial Easy and well explained tutorial.
:star::star:AshFantastic's Dollie Tutorial Make a human shaped doll from four body peices. Other tutorials include face/hair and clothes.
:star::star::star:Theclicheromance's Big Doll Tutorial Make a lovely big doll with realistic fingers and toes :)
:new::star::star::star::star: Plushabilities basic plush pattern part 1Part 2 Basic plushie pattern
:new::star::star::star::star:Plushabilities kiriban plush pattern part 1 part 2Basic plushie pattern
thumbsup::star::star::star::star::star-half:AshFantastic's Long Doll Silver Head Tutorial And Body Tutorial Patterns 1 Patterns 2
:thumbsup::star::star::star::star::star:BabyLondonStar's HumanPlushie Tutorial A hard tutorial, but extremely professional looking plushies are made from it. Give it a go, you know you want to!

Plushie Face And Hair Tutorials
:star:Callykarishokka's Felt Eye Tutorial Make a lovely round eye, without the use of transfer paper or paint.
:star:Starry-eyedkid's Plush Hair Tutorial An easy tutorial for plushie hair.
:star:SuzyWong's Nose Tutorial Easy tutorial for a 3D nose :)
:star::star:Sweetplushiecake's Pointy Nose Plushie Tutorial Useful tutorial to make your plushie have a pointy anime nose!
:star::star:AshFantastic's Dollie Face And Hair Tutorial Tutorial for painting a face and using wool for hair.
:thumbsup::star::star::star::star: Pheleon's How to paint plushie eyes tutorial NO DOWNLOAD, please follow the link to the actual deviation! Step by step on how to paint amazing eyes for your plushie!

Plushie Human Body Parts
:thumbsup::star:Sweetplushiecake's plushie toes tutorial Make cute toes for your plushie!
:star::star::star::star-half: Sweetplushiecake's plushie feet tutorial Learn to make plushie feet!
:thumbsup::star::star::star::star-half:Theredbat's Plushie Boobies Tutorial Plastic surgery, plush style! Nicely laid out, easy to follow tutorial.

:star:Zenimoonchild's Sailor Fuku Pattern Make a sailor fuku like Sailor Moon's! Fit's Bratz style dolls. Or this one… for Kelly size dolls :)
:star:AshFantastic's Plushie T-shirt Tutorial Make a simple t-shirt!
:star:Inuaxel's Plush Clothing Tutorial Nicely made, for basic clothes.
:star::star:AshFantastic's Dollie Clothes Tutorial Clothes for smaller plushies.
:thumbsup::star::star:AshFantastic's Jeans Tutorial Make jeans for medium sized Plushies!
:thumbsup::star::star:AshFantastic's Iron On transfer Tutorial Want to try iron on transfers, but don't know how? This is the tutorial for you!
:star::star::star::star:AshFantastic's Plushie Trilby Hat Tutorial A tutorial for a Trilby Hat.

:star:Toylantis's Bunny Plushie Tutorial Make a simple and cute bunny!
:thumbsup::star:Supercat0000's Lollipop Bunny Tutorial Very cute bunnies with lollipops attatched! Makes great gifts!
:star::star:TeenageRobotFan777's 4-Legged Plushie Pattern Very useful for all your four-legged needs :)
:new::star::star: SuzyWong's pocket dragon Very cute and fun to make
:new::star::star:Wiremysouls amigurumi snake tutorial part 1part 2 Amugurumi snake (offsite video) offers step-by-step instructions. Very easy to follow!
:star::star: Plushie Snail Tutorial Off-site tutorial, how to make a lovely snail!! Very CUTE!
:star::star:BabyLondonStar's Moogle Plushies Lovely, squishy looking animal creatures!
:star::star:Aldriona's Kitty Plushie Tutorial Make a lovely kitty plush!
:star::star:VioletLunchell's Bunny Keychain Tutorial Make an extremely easy and cute bunny keychain!
:star::star::star-half:Dragon/Bat Tutorials Offsite link to make beautiful dragons and cute bats.
:thumbsup::star::star::star::star:Piripanda's Turtle Tutorial Very cute, beautiful turtle! Try it!!
:new::star::star::star::star:Fish To Sushi Tutorial From another site, VERY funny plushie!!
:star::star::star::star::star:Ludicrouslouisa's Horse Plushie Tutorial 1and 2 and the patterns Make a beautiful horse, step by step :)

Book Related
:star::star:Almaxquotal's Golden Snitch Tutorial Own your very own Golden Snitch from the Harry Potter series!

Game Related
:star::star::star-half: MarlinGrey's Sneasel Tutorial Make Sneasel, from Pokemon!!
:star::star::star: MarlinGrey's Jigglypuff tutorial Well explained way to create your very own Jigglypuff!
:star::star::star: MarlinGrey's Midna Tutorial Nice tutorial for Midna.
:new::star::star::star:MarlinGrey's Baby Zora tutorial Make adorable baby Zora
:star::star::star::star-half:Vestenotus's Chao Plushie Tutorials Make a cute Chao from the Sonic series :)

Music related
:thumbsup::star::star::star:Starry-eyedkid's Bass Guitar Plush Tutorial Make a cool bass guitar plushie!

TV Related
:star:Sayume's Totoro plush keychain tutorial Make a tiny chibi Totoro keychain!
:star:Sven-is-kool's Domo-kun Plushie TutorialMake a cute Domo-kun!
:new::star:Domo-Kun Plush Tutorial Another cool Domo-kun tutorial!
:star::star::star::star::star-half:Chronicdoodler's TMNT Plushie Tutorial Make a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle!

Food Related
:new::star:Myako's Strawberry Tutorial MAke an adorable strawberry, or a whole bunch!!
[Star!]SuzyWong's Pocket Eggplant Pattern Cute and good for you!
[Star!] Pandari's Mini Odango Pattern Make a cute dumpling!!
[Star!] Sweetplushiecake's Happy Dumpling Plushie Tutorial Yummy and happy at the same time! Animated, step by step tutorial.
[Thumbs Up][Star!]Supercat0000's Strawberry Jam Plushie Tutorial Make some really yummy looking strawberries! Check it out!
[Star!]Toruu's Onigiri Keychain Make a tasty rice ball keyring :)
[New][Star!][Star!]Make a cute pumpkin! Found by AshFantastic. A great pattern for making pumpkins of all sizes.
[New][Star!][Star!]SuzyWong's Banana Peel Pattern Make a cute banana plushie!!
[Star!][Star!]Aiwa-9's Plush Toast Tutorial Very cute and popular toast tutorial (loads of people have tried them already!)
[Star!][Star!]Apple-pai's Felt Strawberry Scroll Cake Make a delicious plushie strawberry scroll cake!
[Star!][Star!][Half Star]Sweetplushiecake'sLime pattern and Lime plushie tutorial Make a juicy lime! Also includes information on hidden stitch!

[Star!] Suzywong's cube plushie tutorial Very easy to use cube tutorial for many needs :)
[Star!]Chisa's Internet Explorer Logo Voodoo Doll! Torture it every time it crashes!
[Star!]Blackmago's ?? Plush Keychain Make anything you want into a keychain!
[Star!]Apple-pai's Anti Smoking Keychain Express your view on smoke free zones with this keychain!
[Star!][Star!][Star!]Crochet Tutorial - Amigurumi part one, Part two by WireMySoul
[Star!][Star!][Star!]Cherry Amigurumi (How To) Video by WireMySoul

Useful Tips
[Thumbs Up][Star!] RestlessWillow's Lightbox Tutorial A great tip on taking great photos with the use of your own light box!
[Star!][Star!] Buttonhole Stitch By AshFantastic. Tricky, yet popular stitch.
[Thumbs Up][Star!][Star!][Half Star] Sweetplushiecake's HIDDEN STITCH tutorial Lime plushie tutorial including a very useful stitch!

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Do you have any patterns for Tsunomon from digimon? I'd like to make one but havent been able to find a pattern for it. Or tutorial.
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I absolutely love all of the patterns and unique designs. Handcrafted ones are great but there a lot of times when I buy my Anime Plushies online. I got a really awesome Rock Lee Plush last week and I love it!  
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Thank you so much!!!!
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